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Delivering great customer service

As well as making sure your home meets your needs, we aim to offer high-quality customer service to help you manage your tenancy easily.

Whether you’re reporting a repair, speaking to us about an issue in your neighbourhood, asking for support with managing your finances or calling us about something else, our Customer Services team is there to help you.

In 2018/19, we improved a number of our services and introduced some major changes to our feedback procedures to help us understand what we do well and where we could look to get better.



Listening to your feedback

We’re always keen to get your views, so we carry out surveys to help us find out how we’re performing and to see what we do well and where we could improve. This year, we updated our feedback processes to help us find out more about what you think of the service you receive from us. In June 2018, we introduced new post-call surveys, so that you can instantly let us know about your experience with our Customer Services team.

We also conducted an in-depth survey that helped us to understand how we are performing in comparison to other organisations. Your responses told us that you think our service has improved overall, although there are a couple of areas where we could do more, such as the ease of contacting the right person and the speed of our responses.

Improving our digital services

This year, we launched a new website. After consulting with residents and staff about their current experience, we updated the layout, look, feel and navigation menus to make it easier for you to find the information and services you need.

We also continued to make improvements to the services you can use through our website. By signing up for an account, you can manage your tenancy online by reporting repairs, viewing your rent account and more. We added to these features in 2018/19 so you can now also book specific timeslots for your repairs, pay your rent and give us feedback directly.


Helping to combat money worries

We know that the support we can offer with managing finances is a vital part of our services for some of our residents – especially with the introduction of Universal Credit. In order to help residents to keep on top of their rent payments and reduce their worries about money, our Tenancy Support Officers use their expertise to help people access funding, benefits and financial aid.

In the last year, our Tenancy Support Officers assisted 250 people in total, supported 46 tenants in making applications for Discretionary Housing Payments and helped residents become better off by a total of £310,000 per year.

We also helped residents to save money by agreeing to meet the premium costs of the Allpay rent payment phone line, so that calls are now charged to residents at local rates, or free as part of your phone plan.