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Delivering new homes

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It’s our aim to have committed to 1,000 new homes by 2020. It’s an ambitious target, but we know we need to do our bit to ease the housing crisis in this country – and increasing our housing stock also helps to support our services for existing tenants. To continue to develop high-quality new homes, we’re now more diverse than ever, and we’re working with a variety of partners and contractors across South-West Hertfordshire and beyond.



Achieving our goal

We have worked on a range of different types of developments this year as part of our ambition to reach 1,000 new homes by 2020. As well as homes for affordable and social rent and shared ownership, we are also providing new temporary accommodation to help with homelessness. The income we make from shared ownership goes directly back into improving our services and building more homes, so that more people can live in a place of their own.

We’ve also started to work in some new places, helping to deliver homes across a wider geographic area. We are now building in Dacorum on the site of some unused garages in Hemel Hempstead, and providing housing in Hertsmere. Beyond these, we have hopes that we can build in more areas and benefit even more people in the future.

This commitment means that we are now over halfway to our target of 1,000 new homes by 2020, with two years to go.


Working in partnership

As a result of our recent development activity, we are now a more complex organisation. We have joint ventures with local authorities and a commercial subsidiary – Clarendon Living – as well as one-off partnerships with construction companies.

After entering into two joint ventures last year, we’re making great progress on the first developments in these new partnerships. Hart Homes, our joint venture with Watford Borough Council, has nearly completed its first development near Croxley View, which will deliver 76 new homes – 36 for affordable rent and 40 for temporary accommodation. Three Rivers Homes, our partnership with Three Rivers District Council, has its first project underway for 33 new homes in South Oxhey.


Regenerating the Meriden

This year saw the beginning of our largest project to date – regenerating the Meriden to deliver a new, modern look and feel to the area. The actions taken so far include undertaking works to the utilities (such as gas and telephone lines) that will be affected, putting up the main hoarding around the future site compound and beginning to refurbish the car park near Peartree Court.

Working with Mulalley and Co, we’ll be building 131 much-needed homes, including a 50-bed extra care facility for older people and some homes for shared ownership. We’ll also be renovating the parade of shops, providing an expanded community hub and creating some newly-landscaped green spaces, so it will deliver real benefits for local residents.




Coming up next year

    • We will continue to build high-quality homes in a range of areas around Hertfordshire and beyond, as we work towards our ambition to build 1,000 new homes by 2020.
    • We will carry on working in our innovative partnerships to create new homes for our communities, offering much-needed housing options across a range of tenures.
    • The Meriden development will continue, and we will work with residents to keep you updated on the progress of the works.