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How we performed


Every year, we monitor the feedback you’ve given us along with our own performance statistics, so that we can improve the services we provide. These show that we made some positive changes in 2017/18, although there’s always more we can do to improve the way we work.



Better reporting

We made significant changes to our feedback systems in 2017/18. We’ve changed the way we report and log feedback internally to make our systems more robust. This will help us to ensure that complaints get followed up as effectively as possible and we can make changes to avoid similar problems happening again in the future.

We’ve also improved our satisfaction surveys, so that you have the chance to share your thoughts on all aspects of our service. We now send more comprehensive surveys on a wide range of topics and have updated some questions to make them more relevant to you. More of our surveys are being sent by text and our new online account service provides another way for you to share your thoughts with us. This means you have different ways to tell us what you like and what we need to improve.




Coming up next year

    • To help improve how we deliver services for you, we’ll be reviewing each step of your journey with us – from signing up as a Watford Community Housing tenant through to you handing your keys back to us if you move on. This will allow us to identify where we can improve our processes to ensure that everybody has a smooth and consistent experience with us.
    • To be able to deliver a more convenient repairs service, we’re upgrading our digital tenancy services so that you can use your online account to choose when your repairs are carried out.
    • In order to deliver the best customer service, we will be asking for your thoughts on our call handling, training our staff so that they earn new customer service qualifications and working towards gaining accreditation from the Institute of Customer Services.